Legislative Issues

Minimum WAge increase, memorializing resolution, March 2012

Fracking Local Control, memorializing resolution, February 2012

Opposing Citizens United Decision, memorializing resolution, February 2012

Creation of an Office of Public Integrity To Combat Public Corruption and To Restore and Strengthen the Public's Faith in County Government

"Opposing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Proposal to Destroy Certain Collective Bargaining Rights."
Memorializing Resolution, March 2011

Monthly Reporting on the County's Child Care Program
Proposed legislation, Sept. 2009
Vote: Human Services Committee, 2 Yeas (D) - 4 Nays (R)

Supporting the EARLY Act
Memorializing Resolution, June 2009

Supporting the Responsible Education About Life (REAL) Act
Memorializing Resolution, June, 2009

Supporting the Prevention First Act
Memorializing Resolution, March 2009

Restoring Accountability to the Monroe County Budget
Jan. 2009

Stop Selling Eggs from Hens in Battery Cages
Memorializing Resolution, Nov. 2008

Full Disclosure on Project SAVE
Proposed Legislation, September 2008
Blocked by President of the Legislature

Full Disclosure on Project SAVE
Proposed Legislation, August 2008
Withdrawn by Legislator Andrews at Human Services, with intent to resubmit

Supporting the Fair Pay Act
Memorializing Resolution, June 2008

Supporting Women's Rights
Memorializing Resolution, March 2008

Supporting Breast Cancer Research
Memorializing Resolution, June 2007

Healthy Teens Act
Memorializing Resolution, May 2007

Accountability for Empire Zones
Proposed Legislation, November 2006
Vote: Planning & Economic Development Committee, 2 Yeas (D) - 3 Nays (R)

Reforming the IDA System
Memorializing Resolution, June 2006

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence
Proposed Legislation, May 2006
Vote: Agenda/Charter Committee, 2 Yeas (D) - 3 Nays (R)

Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
Memorializing Resolution, May 2006

Equitable School Funding
Memorializing Resolution, April 2007