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RBA Endorses County Candidates

Jill Terreri
Staff writer

The political arm of Monroe County's leading business advocacy organization has chosen a Republican and a Democrat to endorse in the top two local races.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, a Republican seeking her third term, received the endorsement of the Committee for a Strong Economy, the political action committee of the Rochester Business Alliance, over Brighton Supervisor Sandy Frankel, a Democrat.

Democrat Sandra Doorley, who is running for district attorney against Republican Bill Taylor, was also endorsed.

Doorley and Taylor are running to succeed District Attorney Michael Green, a Democrat who is awaiting confirmation to a federal judgeship.

The committee maintains a campaign finance account from pro-business donors, and makes donations to endorsed candidates. The committee had $54,055 on hand, according to its latest campaign finance report.

The size of the donations will be public once candidates report them. RBA CEO Sandy Parker on Tuesday declined to give the amounts.

The endorsements are based on candidate interviews and a questionnaire.

Members of the 11-member committee take a vote, and the candidate with the most votes gets the endorsement.

"In cases where we did not make an endorsement, it was either because we had insufficient information on the candidate, the candidate chose not to participate in our process, or we felt those who interviewed fell short of our expectations and didn't merit our support," Parker said.

The committee endorsed incumbent City Council members, who are all Democrats: Adam McFadden, Carla Palumbo, Elaine Spaull and Lovely Warren.

In the County Legislature, incumbents picked up the endorsements, with some exceptions.

The list of endorsed candidates includes Republican Karla Boyce of Mendon, who is running in the 5th District, a newly created seat, and Democrat Darren Miller of Perinton, who is running in District 18 against incumbent Ciaran Hanna, a Republican from Perinton.

No candidates were endorsed in nine legislature races; several of the endorsed candidates are running unopposed.

Other legislature endorsements include:

District 1: Richard Yolevich, R-Parma.
District 2: Mike Rockow, R-Sweden.
District 6: Richard Beebe, D-Greece.
District 7: Rick Antelli, R-Greece.
District 10: Anthony Daniele, R-Pittsford.
District 11: Mike Barker, R-Perinton.
District 12: Jeff Adair, R-Wheatland.
District 13: John Howland, R-Henrietta.
District 15: Dan Quatro, R-Webster.
District 16: Vincent Esposito, D-Irondequoit.
District 17: Ted O'Brien, D-Irondequoit.
District 19: Jeffery L. McCann, R-Greece.
District 21: Carrie Andrews, D-Rochester.
District 23: Paul Haney, D-Rochester.
District 24: Joshua Bauroth, D-Rochester.
District 25: John Lightfoot, D-Rochester.
District 26: C. Stephen Eckel, D-Rochester.
District 28: Cynthia Kaleh, D-Rochester.