Press Release

Democrats Applaud Opening of New Pediatric and Foster Care Facility

Rochester, New York - March 4, 2011: Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature today applauded County Executive Maggie Brooks and her Administration for the completion and opening of a new 22,000 square foot facility to house the County’s medical services for foster children and provide a safe place for children to have supervised parental visits.

Assistant Democratic Leader Carrie Andrews (D-Rochester) said, "We would like to congratulate County Executive Brooks, Commissioner Kelly Reed and Health Director Andrew Doniger for a job well done with the construction of this new, all-inclusive facility for foster care children. This important facility will allow for safe, supervised parental visits and house a one-stop shop for all the children’s medical and mental health needs."

The facility also centralizes many services, including pediatric health, health care coordination, mental health and developmental screening.

Democratic Legislator Cindy Kaleh (D-Rochester) said, "We look forward to working with the administration to ensure this facility is well-used to serve this important segment of our population. We were all very pleased to have voted for this project in the legislature and it is gratifying to see it come to fruition."